Antonia Prebble 

Conference & Wednesday Night Function MC, Thursday Morning Breakfast Speaker


Antonia Prebble is a well-known Kiwi actress, best known for her role as Loretta West in one of New Zealand’s most loved television series, Outrageous Fortune followed by the role of Rita West in the series prequel, West Side.
Antonia’s impressive acting career has spanned more than 20 years and includes great roles in The Tribe (1999 – 2003), The Blue Rose (2013) and Anzac Girls (TV Mini-Series) in 2014.
In 2008 Antonia won the Best Supporting Actress award at the NZ Film and Television Awards for her work on Outrageous Fortune. She was also nominated for Best Actress in the TV Guide People’s Choice Awards, also for her work on Outrageous Fortune, in both 2005 and 2011.
Born and raised in Wellington, Antonia comes from a family of lawyers, but says she was always drawn to the stage. Antonia has a degree in English Literature and French and is fluent in French. 

Wiremu & Marsella Edmonds

Wednesday Keynote Speaker – Stand in the Gap
Workplace Culture, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Specialists, Tuakiri Limited


Stand in the gap draws from a value base framework that will capture the hearts and minds of the audience challenging the theory of production before people.  The message is raw and true, and identifies how easily things can go wrong on the worksite. 
Stand in the gap is the call of courage in the fight for what is right. The presentation will hold you accountable while building your courage and inspiring you to make change.  The values of leadership will expose the impediments that destroy leadership, friendships, families and communities. It will lay down the strategy to keep friends, family and communities intact by sharing knowledge of personal experience.

Hannah McQueen

Thursday Morning Speaker – Kill Your Mortgage & Sort Your Retirement
Founder & Managing Director, enableMe

Thursday Breakout Sessions:  B1 & B4

Hannah McQueen is a financial force of nature. Since founding Enable.me – financial strategy and coaching in 2007, she and her team around the country have helped thousands of Kiwis get in control of their financial situation, get mortgage-free fast, grow wealth and prepare for retirement. Her clients all tell a similar story – that she changed their lives (and they wish they’d met her 10 years earlier!)
Hannah is a Financial Strategist, Business Coach, Chartered Accountant and a fellow of the Australasian society, an Authorised Financial Advisor and has her Masters in Tax. She’s a regular media commentator, columnist and guest speaker on finance issues, valued for her ability communicate complex topics in a simple and relatable way.
She’s the author of three best-selling personal finance books including “Kill Your Mortgage and Sort Your Retirement”, “Pocket Money to Property – How to Raise Financially Independent Kids” and “The Perfect Balance”.

Mike Allsop 

Thursday Presentation – conquer your mountains

Airline pilot, Everest mountaineer, adventurer and extreme marathon competitor Mike Allsop is an ordinary family man proving that anybody can accomplish extraordinary things.
Mike’s dream was to become an airline pilot with Air New Zealand and began his career with a small commuter airline. Things took a dramatic turn when a flight from the USA to New Zealand led to a crash landing into the sea in the dark of night. The US Coast Guard who rescued Mike and his crew commented that nobody else had ever survived a crash landing into that part of the ocean.
Mike harboured another ambition. To stand upon the roof of the world and summit Everest. Mike is living proof of his philosophy: ‘if you believe you can, you will’. He has reached every goal in spectacular fashion, including becoming an international airline pilot with Air New Zealand and ascending Everest in an unguided expedition. He has since gone on to conquer numerous other mountains.
Mike has since returned to the Himalayas to run the world’s highest marathon around Everest – a feat never before attempted.  Mike is also one of a handful of athletes who has ever run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents.  
When Mike’s not captaining a 737 aircraft or planning his next inspiring adventure, he is at home sharing his stories with wife Wendy and their three children Ethan, Maya and Dylan.

Madeleine Sami

Thursday Higher Excellence Awards Dinner MC

Madeleine is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed character actors. She has won an AFTA for Best Performance by an Actress and Best Comedy script at SWANZ. She also wrote and starred in the US’ ABC comedy presentation of ‘Super City’, then co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in The Breaker Upperers. Madeleine has starred in a multitude of television and film productions including Taika Waititi’s Shadows, Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake, The Jaquie Brown Diaries, Sione’s Wedding 1 & 2, Outrageous Fortune, Bro Town, The Insider Guide to Happiness, and Ice House.

Andrew Stroud

Wednesday Keynote Speaker – SUCCESS OUT OF ADVERSITY


Our keynote speaker, Andrew Stroud, will discuss his journey of trying to make it in the motorbike racing arena, accidents that occurred during this journey and why they happened. Also being covered will be what it was like to work with John Britten in the designing and building periods, as well as the failures and success that this partnership went through and riding the iconic NZ built Britten V1000 to a World Series Victory. Andrew covers his family life and what it was like working with his wife and creating a work-life balance.