What will membership mean for your business?
              For Hire Companies                          For Industry Suppliers

The Association provides various services and benefits that cater for needs of members. From day to day HR & Legal helplines, rental-specific insurance product, industry specific training, various media channels, and much more. HIANZ deliver key resources that assist members to make their businesses efficient, profitable and more successful.

Below are just a few reasons why Hire & Rental Companies just like you, from single-store operators to those with many branches, are becoming members of HIANZ. 

Members benefits include:

  • Access to members only areas where you will learn of news and information about the industry, survey results, profit calculators, health and safety information, training courses, templates of hire agreements, and more...
  • Access to industry specific Terms & Conditions or Trade, Health & Safety Systems, Insurances, HR & Legal advice. 
  • Access to National and International conferences
  • Regular industry updates, support and advice
  • Access to Industry standards and best code of practice material
  • Access to monthly editions of Rental Management Magazine Online
  • Insurance - Specialised Insurance exclusive to HIANZ members only
  • Financial Advantage Program - exclusive Westpac Package for members 
  • Global affiliations with international Hire and Rental organisations
  • Discounted rates on Safety Signs, Labels & stickers and other related safety material
  • Networking opportunities with various Industry Professionals
  • Industry Training Courses and Events

HIANZ associate membership offers outstanding return on investment. Attendance at the annual Conference & Trade Show could pay for your membership alone!

However, just as valuable are all the ways your HIANZ membership connects you with the Hire Industry. HIANZ dedicates substantial resources to showcasing your products. 

When your customers rent more, you sell more and your associate membership represents a tremendous investment in the future of today’s hire companies.

The Hire Industry Association’s goal is to advance the Hire Industry by helping every member grow. Your associate membership is a “foot in the door” and will give you access to hundreds of potential sales leads in a growing market, as well as positioning you as a partner in their success.

As a supplier to the Hire Industry you have access to all members benefits PLUS the members only area, the association's latest online portal will connect you with details of independent Hire Company owners as well as the Managers and Purchasing Officers of the larger national operators.  This will enable you to advertise and promote your product/s to a target market based on your specific search criteria. A database of current hire company members is available as well as advertising in our Whats Hot Newsletters, Website banners, 6 monthly magazines and your very own targeted members email blast.

HIANZ has developed the 'toolbox' which is a members only directory, featuring supplier product manuals, parts lists, safety information, financial benefits and information on where to buy selected products or services. 

Suppliers can attend our regional zone meetings, seminars and of course the Associations annual Conference & Trade Show to market your product and equipment, Network & Liaise with delegates from all over New Zealand and Australasia.

As an Associate Member, you are represented on the HIANZ Board of Directors by Paul Robinson & Ed Richardson.

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