AGM 2023

The HIANZ 2023 Conference will include the association AGM.

This year has the association seeking nominations for two new board members as part of our staggered board tenure process.  2023 sees one Independent Hire Company representative and one Supplier Representative up for election to the board. Greg Gilmore of Mardigras Event Hire resigned as a board member in December 2022. The position is available to all IHC (Independant Hire Company) members to stand for election. Martin Vogel of Hansa Products Ltd has also indicated he will re-stand for his current position of Supplier Representative. We seek interested nominations by Friday 20th July.

Below are all the associated documents for the AGM. The final accounts for the association will be posted closer to the time of the AGM.

Key Documents

Notice of agm

agenda of AGM

final accounts for year 2022_23