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Further to our Level 3 support documents, OSHBox have put together documents and forms to match level 2. Though there is only slight changes to most of these forms, it shows good diligence and business practices if you use the updated forms.

Government have put out further guidance and clarification on guidance provided so far. See The Business Gov update Website 

For COVID-19 specific signage, stickers etc, see OSHbox webstore Angie and the team have quite a selection. 

Commercial signs, Print and Promotions in Mount Maunganui have put this together also that might be worth considering. Commercial signs COVID-19 floor signage offer

I have been in touch with David Chow and Phil Barclay of ICIB in regards to the question around validity of insurance if your company vehicles don’t have a current WOF/COF because of lockdown and backlogs at the testing station before one can be got.

Their statement:

“Insurers look to the WOF/COF as proof of roadworthiness in normal circumstances, however if the WOF/COF has expired during or immediately prior to the lockdown, they generally won’t look to decline for failing to meet that condition.

Irrespective of the lockdown, consumers are also protected under the Insurance Law Reform Act which (in summary) states that Insurers can’t decline a claim just because a vehicle doesn’t have a WOF/COF. They would still have to show that poor roadworthiness of the vehicle caused the accident or loss (e.g bald tyres, poor brakes).

Please remember to get your WOF/COF as soon as you can after the government restrictions are over – we want all our customers to be driving safe vehicles.”

We have been asked about the best cleaning product to use and also whether the benzalkonium chloride solution is suited well for cleaning down.

At the time there was (and probably still is) limited information on what is effective against Coronavirus, so we need to focus on similar viruses and hope there is some correlation. Like all viruses and microbes alcohol and heat are great. Evidently the Coronavirus has an exterior lipid layer which is affected by any surfactant (something that lowers the surface tension of the water) hence the call to hand washing and soap.

What was found was that benzalkonium chloride solution has both a surfactant effect and an anti-viral effect. The technical paper found was:

Su, X, and D’Souza, D.H. (2012) Inactivation of human norovirus surrogates by benzalkonium chloride, potassium peroxymonosulfate, tannic acid and gallic acid. Foodborne pathogens and disease, Vol 9, No 9. 

Other information on the maximum level before skin irritation starts to occur

Therefore we have increased the dose and  using it at 1000ppm, rather than the recommended 200ppm which I think is where Siousxie was using as the comparison.

Benzalkonium chloride is widely used, and certainly widely available. Given that it has both surfactant properties and anti-viral (and antimicrobial)  activity without having excessive skin or eye irritant issues I’m confident that it will have the desired effect, especially is allow to soak for 15+ minutes.

We are not cleaning products specialists and only giving advice on what we have researched to date. Talking to your chemicals and cleaning products supplier is best.

HIANZ has been working with Specialist trades, Scaffolding association, Master Builders, CCNZ and Construction accord to get an agreeable formula for rental charges over the lockdown period. 

There has been much negotiation which has reached a point that we cannot go any further. 

See the document in the downloads.

If using eftpos machines, be wary of wiping with alcohol based wipes regularly as the numbers get rubbed off. Consider wrapping in “Glad wrap” or sliding a clear plastic bag over the terminal for regular replacement. 

A quick and easy option for starting a online shopping experience, try This is a good web store platform that can be quickly set up to help with “contactless payment”

Our risk assessment says that customers must not enter the store, while our operating procedure says one at a time. 

Both these documents are editable by you and it is a business decision which option you take. Guidance from government was conflicting and vague at the time of providing this. 

Government are saying “Contactless” interation with customers. You are to assess the risk for yourselves and put measures in place that work and meet this requirement.

View as to operations this week:

The time between now and next Tuesday can be used to access your business, plan and start setting up for trading come next Tuesday pm. This is not a time for actual trade unless it is for essential services in Level 4 Lockdown.

Government have said – Businesses can use the week ahead to prepare for Alert Level 3. Any preparation should be done in line with Alert Level 4 restrictions.

We consider that the government agencies will be accepting of you supplying equipment like marquees, temporary fencing, toilets and buildings to businesses looking to prepare to restart.

The Contact Trace Register is a paper based register and though not the best practice, it is a starting point. Where possible, you should limit who is touching this and it is best if one staff member per day collects the information from people as they turn up. Some of your POS systems allow for a contact register to be created as a patch to each contract, but be sure to have it easily available if the need arises and that it is not used as  a marketing database.

Easyforms – is a possible option for you. They can handle alot of your different form onto a tablet. Contact Keith Archer for help and tell him I sent you.

Added a cleaning procedure for Marquess after hire to COVID-19 testing.

Suzanne at Carlton Party Hire has Marquee cleaning machine and offers the cleaning of marquees as a service to you all.

Clean up of Documents download area and fix a link on operating procedures. Also added a couple of exta documents as discussed in other updates

Slight change in layout of the web page.


HIANZ Responds to changes in lock down levels


HIANZ has been working hard in the background to put together supporting information and documents for members to use as we progress through the different lock down stages.

It is always important to note that, members should be keeping the health and wellbeing of their staff, customers, and selves as the highest priority.

Through this ever-changing life that COVID-19 has bought on us, we have grown to adapt accordingly. This must be part of the equation for your business – be prepared to adapt and keep well informed as standards and requirements will change/evolve through increased knowledge and information sharing.

This page has been put together to provide members with industry specific information to assist in operating their businesses. We see the information provided as assisting members to operate at a very high level of safety and integrity. As a member of HIANZ, the peak body of our industry, we trust you will operate in the coming period at a very high standard. These documents and information form what association regard as the minimum standard.
Please keep an eye on the page for changes and updates.

We will mark the links if the documents have been updated since last publish date.

Documents and Information

All forms are in Microsoft Word format for your editing to personalise to your business. On the SOP’s, we have highlighted areas you need to edit as a minimum.

A special thanks to Angie and the team at OSHbox for working hard to get a lot of this information together for you all. This information is very valuable and Angie was very good to negotiate a fair price for HIANZ to be able to pass onto you as members at no cost. If you need any COVID-19 signage or assistance with anything around health and safety, call the OSHbox team and mention us to get the extra special treatment!
Brendan Murphy of ECC Credit Control has provided an excellent read on lifting cashflow (6 ideas), a debt repayment plan form and a checklist on business continuity. All very helpful information. These guys can be of great assistance to you going forward with debtor management.
Also, extra special shout out to Paul Harrison of Upper Hutt Hire who has been very kind and provided the SOP documents. He has even offered up a lot more of his resources for you all.


All the information provided is on the basis of supporting you as members. We take no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information provided. We do our best to check all information as best as possible but it is up to the user to use it as they see fit.