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No matter what the event type or location, HIANZ Events members deliver outstanding value for their clients. This is the result of much hard work and also the valuable education and business tools and services we provide.

Members and their staff can tap into valuable training courses to upskill themselves and the business owners.

Our series of courses and document guidelines developed over decades brings clarity to even the most seasoned professionals

APEX Training for Marquee Riggers

APEX is a Training and Accreditation scheme designed for persons and companies operating within the Marquee Industry in New Zealand.

In years gone by, New Zealand has had no standard method or system to measure the knowledge, skill or experience of individual marquee riggers. The APEX scheme was developed in 2014 to certify marquee companies and their employees, it is designed so as to provide a level of consistency across the industry and promote quality assurance to users of Marquee, to Councils and Building Control Officers, to Worksafe, ACC and other stakeholders.

APEX is administered by the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand, who are considered as the peak representative body for Marquee Installation within New Zealand.  Our members include marquee manufacturers, marquee owners, marquee hire companies, and end users.  Accredited APEX certified companies will have trained and accredited staff, they will use compliant products and meet the necessary operational standards, procedures, and safety.

APEX Training for Marquee Riggers

This training programme has been designed to provide three levels of accreditation for Marquee Riggers:



Basic Marquee Rigger



Advanced Marquee Rigger




Upcoming Courses

Recognising Current Competency and Prior Learning (RPL)

A detailed process is in place to allow experienced marquee riggers to become accredited without completing the training course. Accreditation is awarded in recognition of prior learning, time and experience working within the industry. Application forms can be downloaded here  

An administration fee of $150+GST will be charged for RPL applications.

Queries should be directed to the Association on (07) 5752563.


Best Practice guidelines for your business

Best Practice guidance has been developed by HIANZ to help event organisers, contractors, managers and others make health and safety improvements when erecting, using and dismantling marquees and similar temporary fabric structures. The guidance represents best practice which may go further than the minimum you need to do to comply with the law.

HIANZ has been long recognised as the representative member-led trade association of the temporary structures industry, promoting technical excellence and raising industry standards through skills training, an independent inspectorate and increased public awareness.

HIANZ recognises the duty that specialist contractors have to ensure that members of the public can have complete confidence in the safety of the products and services supplied by them. For that reason, HIANZ runs an accreditation scheme and only admits as members those who agree to follow this guide, and to submit themselves to independent inspection to check that they do.

Who should use this guide?

This guide is designed for use by all involved in the procurement and provision of temporary demountable fabric structures for events; safety professionals and enforcement authorities; event organisers; occupiers and contractors. It is a definitive guide published by NZ’s authority on the temporary demountable fabric structures industry.

Selecting contractors that demonstrate competence and provide evidence for their adherence to these APEX guidelines will greatly improve safety before, during and after the event, and hence improve the risk profile of the event itself.



Powerstats is recognised a highly useful platform for the secure collation of industry data.  The Powerstats platform is currently being piloted by the Party and Events Sector, who have considered the significant value of financial benchmarking and chosen to sign up.  

Powerstats is funded by the Association, an investment on behalf of its membership and industry.  An industry initiative that aligns with the Associations strategic objective of “supporting business growth, profitability and diversity of industry through education of industry”.  If successful, the platform will be rolled out to other sectors, such as general hire, access and forklift industry sectors.


Participants will:

  • Find out if they are running a good business in comparison to the rest of the industry averages.
  • Benefit from a monthly “business health-check”.
  • Be able to make better decision based on real data
  • Continuously identify business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Access valuable data that can’t be found elsewhere, not even from accountants!


The Association will:

  • Gain access to live anonymised overall industry statistics. (no member specific data is ever available to HIANZ)
  • Become able to present key findings at industry events and via newsletters.
  • Enable more effective lobbying and representation with indisputable data.
  • Be able to respond to industry-wide trends or areas of concern and offer relevant support to members.



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