MBIE Consulting on proposed new regulations ..

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is currently consulting on proposed changes to regulations to improve protections for people working with plant, structures, heights and excavations.

The focus is on:

  • Plant
  • Mobile plant
  • Design, manufacture, supply, import and installation of plant or structures
  • High-risk plant
  • Working at heights and scaffolding
  • Excavation work

A request has been made to MBIE to hold industry forums in Auckland and Christchurch for members of the HIANZ, EWPA and the Forklift Industry Associations. Members will be advised of dates in due course (likely to be early to mid-September).

In the meantime, we ask that members take time to review and understand the information provided by MBIE. Submissions can be made directly to MBIE, or via one of the above-mentioned Associations. 

Different people will have different levels of interest depending on the nature of their business or industry sector they operate within. MBIE suggests everyone reads Section 1 Overview and Section 8 Offences and transitional arrangements, in addition to the sections most relevant to the reader. 

View information or make a submission via link below >>


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