Party & Events sector embraces new direction

Members from around New Zealand met at the Party & Events Networking Meeting in Hamilton earlier this month.

The meeting focused primarily on a proposed marquee industry standard, best practice and guidance document. Attendees were presented with a draft copy to review, discuss and consider as the new benchmark and standard for the industry. “Industry consultation is vital to the successful outcome and stakeholder buy-in. These forums provide an opportunity for stakeholders to be involved and to have apositive impact for the Marquee sector” said Phil Tindle, HIANZ CEO. The meeting also included an exercise where members appraised a new device to measure the peak holding force of stakes, a forum for general business and social evening function.

Objectives relating to the development and implementation of these Guidelines include; setting the standards of industry best practices; provision of templates and tools to members that bring consistency nationwide; providing a greater knowledge for key stakeholders with a primary focus on Territory Authorities (local Councils) so they see our members as the benchmark for compliance and delivery; provide creditability to member companies who are aligned to the BPG; grow event sector membership of HIANZ; foster Best Practices to make it safer for the people erecting and using Marquees.

The best practice guide is linked to the current APEX Marquee training and includes an accreditation program that enforces various standards of professionalism, safety and compliance practices for member companies. The aim of the guidelines is to provide continued up to date and accurate information to assist and educate territorial authorities (councils), marquee owners, installers, event organisers and end users. The guide covers areas such as; information relating to structures; Fire & Emergency Exits; Capacity & Public Access; Consenting; Code of Compliance and Exemptions; Site Safety and Competency; Personal Protection Equipment; Client Awareness; Reporting of Incidents or Injuries; Inspections; Non-compliance and Accreditation. Appendices include various checklists that will standardise processes within the industry.

The Association has contracted Greg Ward (former owner of Continental Event Hire) to assist with development and to work alongside the Marquee Working Group. Further consultation with industry stakeholders will take place in June. The program is expected to be rollout in effect in July-August beginning with a workshop in July at Conference in Hamilton.

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