The Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) are now being referenced by local councils, event organisers and rental companies as the word of this industry best practice spreads though out the country. The BPG is available on the HIANZ website along with few template forms for members to use within their respective businesses.

Training is now an essential part of each business operating with the sector, the BPG states that proof of training and competency is a site requirement.  Basic and Advanced Training Courses were run in August and September and it was great to see the level of interest from members with a total of 28 joining the new APEX program.  Courses scheduled for 2020 have been added to the events calendar of the website.

Phil Tindle and Greg Ward have attended numerous meetings with key stakeholders, including presentations to the New Zealand Building Officials (BOINZ) Conference in Wellington and more recently meeting with Auckland Council and New Zealand Fire Service.

Final touches are currently being made to the following and will be released to members very soon.

·         APEX accreditation scheme – official sign up form for member companies
·         One-off Bulk Evacuation Scheme Form and Instructions
·         Clarification on the validity requirements of PS1 documents
·         Final tweaks to the BPG and Accreditation Document


Once the above is complete, members are encouraged to sign up and get on board with the APEX scheme.  The program is designed to drive up the standards within New Zealand, provide unique benefits to members to help differentiate themselves from competitors, and will included annual audits, continued education and support.