Shane Kupa - Events Team Member Mardigras Event Hire

What’s your background?
After leaving high school I worked in the forestry industry and studied the art of blacksmithing. Unfortunately, there were few job opportunities suited to my skills so I decided to seek work in a different area.

I visited Greg Gilmour, at Mardigras Event Hire, and he gave me the opportunity to work in the events team here and I haven’t looked back since. Working with my hands and being outdoor has combined two of my passions.

What do you enjoy about the job?
I really enjoy putting events together and there is a huge variety of shows we are involved with. I am part of a team that builds the tents and marquees. Our teams are typically made up of 2-4 people, it is a really hands-on job, and I like to put in a big effort.

The best part of my work is that I am not stuck in an office.  Our work is outdoors and is physically active so it also helps me stay in shape which is very important to me.

I like to keep our customers happy and I always make sure they are looked after because they are important to the success of our business.

How are you improving your skills?
Since I commenced work at Mardigras Event Hire, I have obtained my truck 2 licence, forklift ticket and a level 1 marquee ticket. I’m encouraged to keep on learning and Greg has been a great support in helping me build my skills.

What are your financial goals?
Saving is important to me and I’m keen to buy a house as soon as I can.

What do your family think about the job?
My family is pleased I’m doing this job because “it’s me”.

 What do you get up to in your time off?
I live in Hastings but like to spend time on the family farm and have three horses at the moment. I take my 6-year-old son Tahuwaka out riding as often as we can.

When I was at primary school I used to ride my horse to school and race the school bus. It’s something I’m still known for around here!

I played rugby when I was younger but now I mainly go to the gym or do a couple of 5K runs each week.