Update – Return to Level 3

The following is some supporting information to assist you if you are looking to return to work on Wednesday. Please note: This is just information for you to use if you deem appropriate. None of this information is being forced on you by HIANZ, we are just trying to provide you with support where we think it should be offered. Any part of this email that says you have to do something is not from us but by people with a lot more authoritarian controls than us.


As the country south of Pokeno moves into level 3 from level 4, this is a reminder of what you can and can’t do and support to get going again. Level three does not mean freedom, it means caution.

Those of you in Auckland and Northland, sadly you are still held in level 4, and you should be not moving outside your bubble. Your speed to drop down levels is controlled by the reduction in spread of the virus and restriction of movement is the effective means the government are applying.

For those of you close to the border, go to Alert Level boundary map | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz) to check your position on the interactive map. Likewise, staff movements across the border.

SILVERCARD™ Training, in fact any external training cannot be undertaken in level 3 unless for exceptional circumstances. It is our recommendation you do not do any training during level 3.

Level 3 has serious consequences to your business and how you operate. As the heading of my email says, not a lot should change, however you can operate under tight rules. We have all the Level 3 and Level 2 Lockdown supporting information back to the front of the website for you to access and follow. We have also loaded the latest CHASNZ vertical and horizontal construction protocols for level 3 and 2. These are excellent referral documents also. They are on the bottom right of the level 3 documents on our COVID webpage.

As the recognised “Peak Body” of our industry, the Association is focused on making sure our members uphold a very high level of integrity and as such, the information we are putting together should be used or be a minimum standard to model your own procedures and processes off.

Wearing of masks:
The protocols for all Alert Levels require face coverings as an appropriate control for close contact work (1-2 metres for Alert Level 3; and allowance for less than 1m for Alert Level 2). Consistent with government mandates, masks are to be worn when out in public for all Alert Levels. You legally must wear a face covering if you are a customer or an employee involved in customer contact at a business or service operating level and, inside any businesses and services that are open and involve customer contact at alert level 3.

Contact Tracing:
As per Level 2 & 3 Protocols, all businesses must keep track of people entering and leaving the business for contact tracing purposes. This can be achieved through our entry registers.  Use of the government COVID-19 app and QR code system is legally required also so that individuals can keep track of their movements and you must still keep a register. Go to https://covid19.govt.nz/updates-and-resources/posters/ for the QR code and posters for such.

Staff and yourselves Health and Wellbeing:
First, please look after yourself, your family and your staff. Make sure everyone is okay and check you are okay too. Keep talking to people, have a close confident that you can tell how you are feeling, your thoughts on your business position and the stresses and strains you feel. Sometimes a Mount Everest in your mind is only a small bump and friends, workmates, partners and supporters can help open your mind and smooth the waters out a bit.

Check your staff and wider families are all okay. Have a toolbox meeting with them again and talk about the changes in protocols and the need for them to keep their hygiene up and not to report to work if feeling sick.
Follow the site checklist and have cleaning wipes, PPE, and sanitiser readily available.
Remove communal use items from staff areas to reduce any spread.

Please, as a member, check you can log into the HIANZ website so that you are able to get all the information we have put together. If you don’t have a login, please email Kylene on office@hianz.net.nz and she will get you loaded up.

Keep your heads up, together we will get through this!  If you need further support or assistance with anything, please make contact with us and we will endeavour to assist.