We have finally gone and done it!, It’s taken a while and we apologise for that, but our latest pages increase the value we provide to you as a member.

New Page # 1: HIANZ Suppliers – https://www.hianz.net.nz/hianz-suppliers/ This gives you a link to all our associate supplier members websites. We have organised these according to as close as possible to what they supply. We will continually update and improve this page, so keep it handy!

New Page #2: ICIB Insurance – https://www.hianz.net.nz/insurances/ We have created a webpage for ICIB to assist new and existing members who wish to enquire about the options for insurance. ICIB are a big supporter of the association and provide support for us in many different areas.

Check out these new pages and if dealing with the suppliers, make sure you let them know you saw them on our page. It shows them the value of being a member too.

As always, we are open to good constructive critiquing and ideas to advance our website further for all our members.