Careers in Hire Student EXPO

The Careers in Hire Student Expo is taking place at HIRECON24 on Tuesday morning 23rd July from 9am to 12pm.
This will take place before the official opening of Conference at 11am in the Plenary, during open Exhibition time.

This Expo time is to allow students to visit and interact with Exhibitors and Hire Members to learn about Careers in Hire. Our Exhibitors and Sponsors are supporting this initiative by arranging fun activities, practical games and interactive displays, with giveaways and prizes.

A handful of Hire Members will be present, to show students around and tell them about their personal experience working in Hire. These representatives are there to support the students in exploring the Expo, introducing groups to different businesses and running interactive games in the public space of the exhibition hall.

 For more information on the work we are doing with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce visit Student Workforce on the Careers in Hire page on our website