Michael Bullivant - Hire Manager
Hireace - Onehunga

What’s your background?
I grew up in Auckland and went to University for 4 years at which time I decided to take a break and enter the workforce. I worked in the seafood industry for about 6 years, but after injuring my back it was time for something different. This job came up which was the beginning of my career in hire.

Now I am Branch Manager of our Onehunga branch and have been in this role for about a year now. I started with the company as a Sales Assistant for two years, before moving to Assistant Manager, and finally to where I am now.

What did you think of the industry when you started here?
Very customer service focused and not nearly as straight forward as I first thought. There’s a lot of procedures and things to keep track of.

What do you like about the job?
The variety of tasks and customers. Working closely as a team. Not doing the same thing all day

What about the challenges?
The challenges are largely staying on top of the detail and juggling everything. We also operate the vehicle movements out of this branch for the business. Our team consists of about 4-7 people and we all get along here which is very important.

Do you feel the industry is geared more to younger people now?
The industry was more older people a few years ago but I think that is changing more now.

How much do you feel part of the community by offering the services you do?
I do really feel part of the Onehunga community.  We have lots of regular customers that hire trailers and trucks to move things around our local area. It’s good to have a yarn with them when they come in, establish their needs, and help them out as much as possible.

Why should young people have a second look at the hire industry instead of Uni?It’s a varied job and you will learn lots of skills and customer service experience.

Where do you want to go in the future?
I want to work on my skillsets and get better at certain things. Once I’ve decided what I’m good at, and then if I can take that further within the company.  I love the industry, I love the company.