Are you using the latest ESDS sheets?

Hi everyone,

Over the past year we have been updating and adding to our ESDS (Equipment Safety Data Sheets) document library in the Members’ area of the website, so please login and check that you are using the most up to date VERSION of the ESDS documents. It is very important that you use the most up to date version as these reflect important changes.

We don’t want to bother you with emails every time we update or add a new ESDS sheet to the Members website, so please ensure you go onto the HIANZ website regularly and check you are still using the latest version numbers. We will post updates on the NEWS section of the members website and social media when we make changes. Follow HIANZ on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you require a copy of the latest ESDS documents available to you on our website, contact the office on .  This list will allow you to check you are using the most current ESDS Version as of today 10th December 2021.

We have also added a recording of the HIANZ Covid-19 Zoom Meeting discussing the Traffic Light System with members last week, to the Webinar page, in the members area of the website.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the HIANZ office on

Kind regards,

The HIANZ Team