The conference managers, Lime & Soda, in conjunction with HIANZ and Venues will provide a safe and healthy environment as possible for all attendees at the conference.

At Alert Level 1, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and transmission in the community is very low, but we need to be aware COVID-19 is still uncontrolled overseas and as such we should not be complacent given COVID-19 can still spread quickly if it re-emerges. 
We recognise that Events pose a transmission risk if COVID-19 re-emerges and will ensure we apply the following to all events;

  • Commitment to COVID-19 Ministry of Health guidance – Lime and Soda will take responsibility to regularly and consistently stay up to date with Ministry of Health guidance.
  • Enable effective contact tracing – Fast and effective contact tracing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19. Recording people’s movements will help the Ministry of Health to do this quickly and efficiently. Lime and Soda will undertake best practice to encourage Attendees to use record keeping mechanisms at Events to enable the Ministry of Health to undertake contact tracing processes, if needed.
    Lime and Soda will work with HIANZ to:
  • Educate Attendees pre event and through the duration of an event on record keeping expectations and mechanisms at Events to support this.
  • Consider ways to guide best practice behaviours through event design.
  • Educate and influence Attendees to take responsibility for their own record keeping.
  • Incorporate record keeping mechanisms at Events for Attendees either through self-selected technology or the recommended NZ COVID Tracer App.
  • Notify attendees that attendance information will be collected for the purpose of contact tracing and may be disclosed to the Ministry of Health should the need arise.
  • Retaining Records – Lime and Soda will retain attendance records that can be supplied to the Ministry of Health should they need to contact trace. This includes ticketing or attendance data that can be legally obtained within the bounds of New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993. These records of Attendees will be held for a minimum of four weeks, this being the minimum period necessary to support effective contact tracing.
  • Health of Operators and Attendees – Lime and Soda will take reasonable measures to ensure that individuals (including Operators and Attendees) have the appropriate resources or facilities to ensure they undertake best practice hygiene standards. 
    • Ensure Operators are aware of and comply with Ministry of Health guidance.
    •  Ensure Operators and Attendees are educated on the hygiene practices expected when attending the event as per Ministry of Health guidance.
    • Enable good hygiene behaviours e.g. providing hand washing facilities.
    • Ask Operators and Attendees who are unwell to stay home. 
  • Encourage a culture of adhering to best practice COVID-19 risk management – Lime and Soda will utilise leadership, influence, education and best practice to ensure Ministry of Health guidance on hygiene and adherence to event policies put in place are upheld in delivering the event. This includes not only during the event, but pre and post event. 


lime & soda - event team

Megan Old  – Event Coordinator
Tel: +6 7 595 0565

Amanda Graham – Event Manager
Mob: +64 27 482 3707

hianz office

Kylene Schlebusch
Tel: +64 7 575 2563
Mob: +64 21 855 405